Q8153 Double Irish Chain Quilt
78 x 79 inches
New Hampshire

A pre-Civil War quilt that was never used! The Double Irish Chain pattern, one of the earliest patterns, was indeed loved by many. The simple design makes it easy to fit into many decors. A two color quilt such as this one adds to the ease of matching one's home.

This quilt is comprised of hundreds of 1-3/4" squares of an early Double Pink and white. All piecing and quilting was executed by hand. The quilting design is diagonal crosshatching while the white areas are quilted in a diagonal 1/2" design. The quilting stitches are small and very even. There is a separately applied 1/4" binding, executed by hand in a compatible double pink fabric.

This perfect condition, never used quilt is just right for one's bed :-) Yes, the old fabrics were meant to last and last!

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.

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