Q8166 Star of Bethlehem..in Texas called "Lone Star"

72 x 72 inches

WOW..my reaction when seeing this unusual color quilt hanging in my shop ...There is a signature and date embroidered on one corner of this quilt..1917 does not match the fabric or the style of quilting. Double line quilting is indicative of the 1840's and early 1850's...The fabric is 3rd quarter of the 19th century...names and dates were penned on not embroidered during that era. Yes, I am guessing..but, I now believe that this dramatic piece of art was passed down in the family. The date and signature ...did it belong to the receiver or the giver? Lots of unanswered questions...What we do know is that this quilt is a graphic, beautifully pieced and quilted piece of art for your bed or wall. I was the first person to wash this, previously mint (unused and never washed) quilt. A star pattern is very difficult to assemble even though the pieces in the star are straight lined and all the same size. One's eye is drawn to this quilt, which almost pulsates. The assembly is both by hand and machine. The quilting stitches are very tiny and even...just beautifully quilted.
An exquisite puzzling piece of art ready to be sent for your at home approval.