Q8176 Sunbonnet Sue Quilt

88 x 92 inches

The designer, quilter and embroiderer of this totally unused quilt was indeed a master of her skills. As I am writing this the quilt is mint...never washed and never used...However, as I am about to organically wash the quilt it becomes titled unused.

It is comprised of 36..yes, 36.... 10" blocks of all different unused calicoes or plaids for the bodies and coordinating solid colors for the bonnets. Each Sue is outline embroidered. In addition, her hats are beautifully embroidery embellished. During the Depression, when many were out of work and finalcially hurting, this family was safe and secure. We know that from the purchased yardage of fabric. The beautiful rich deep Peach color fabric is used not only for the sashing and binding, but also for the backing. The peach wholecloth fabric backing has created a completely reversable quilt.

Sue is double lined outline quilted. There is a 4" sashing, 2" joining blocks, a 4' scalloped border and is finished with a 1/4" applied peach binding. Pieced by machine, this beautifully jubilent quilt has had all other work done by hand. The quilting is small and perfectly executed as is all the stitching and embroidery work. The Sue blocks have 1" crosshatch quilting, the sashing has groups of diamond within a diamond quilting design. The size is so unusual for this era...the bonus is this wonderful quilt will perfectly fit a queen size bed....or if you wish..a double size bed :-)

Now organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent for your at home approval....what a wonderful way to brighten up a child's room.