Q8201 Variation of Drunkard’s Path or Rob Peter to Pay Paul

82 x 84 inches
Elizabethtown, PA

The person who created this quilt was not only wonderful with piecing, but was also an exquisite quilter. The quilt was created with 12 inch blocks alternating with one in solid white, then a block in a pieced coral/raspberry Rob Peter to Pay Paul. The way the blocks have been placed together resulted in a third pattern; Steeplechase. We now have three patterns comprised on one quilt. The white blocks are beautifully quilted with a wreath. The center of the wreath is quilted in a pinwheel design.

After the blocks had all been pieced together, the quilter finished the quilt using diagonal and straight line quilting throughout. The 8-1/2 inch border is completely covered with rope design quilting. This quilt is edged with a scalloped border following the outline of the rope design. In addition it is fun to see the very slight pencil lines drawn for the quilting design. The edge is finished with a machine stitched pillowcase. I’m not sure why a woman with this ability would use a sewing machine. Perhaps she was quietly boasting to her friends that she owned a treadle sewing machine?

Professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for its new home, where it will fit any bed from single to queen.