Q8294 Broken Dishes with Sawtooth Edge Quilt

68 x 88 inches

In 35 plus years of selling and collecting antique quilts this is the only quilt I've ever had that was constructed in this manner. In addition to its rarity is the bonus fact that this quilt was never used.

It consists of 180... 5" squares, Mustard and dark mint or would you call the green a greenish teal? Each square was created from four identical triangles. Each triangle was individually made, stuffed and then whip stitch closed. Each triangle is actually a separate little quilt. Each trangle was quilted with an echo quilting design, then four triangles, created from two different colors were sewn together. The squares were then alternated with one square having a yellow triangle on top, then a green one on top. The entire quilt was designed in this way. The edging consists of repeats of a single triangle...You have hundreds and hundreds of baby quilts sewn together.

This quilt is an absolute optical illusion. A "mint" quilt was never used and never washed. Now that I have organically washed it, it is known as an unused quilt. This very happy quilt is now ready to be sent to your home, with free shipping, for your approval.