Q8297 Rob Peter to Pay Paul Quilt

57 x 74 inches

Piecing a quilt with circular edges is one of the most difficult designs to execute. In this case, we had a woman with the ingenuity to applique the circular edges onto the adjoining piece. The entire quilt was completely executed by hand with minuscule stitches. This quilt consists of 88 .....5-1/2" 'blocks, each block containing a complete repeat of the pattern. We have a 4-1/8" double border, the inner border measures 2-3/8", the outer border measures 1-3/8", ending with a 3/8"separately hand applied binding. We see three different quilting pattern designs used on the quilt. The outer borders are quilted with a horizontal line 1" apart. The main body of the blocks are quilted in a 1" square design while the curved pieces are quilted with an echo pattern. This wonderful quilt appears to have been hardly used, and now organically hand washed and is ready to be sent to you with free shipping for your at home approval.