Q8317 Miniature Grandmother's Fans Quilt
76 x 76 inches

This miniature Fan design quilt is graphically wonderful as well as a perfect cuddle quilt. A woolen quilt with a homespun off white woolen blanket backing lends itself to cold days..OR...a wonderful piece of textile art for your wall.

Comprised of 144.... 6-1/4" blocks in the Fan design. Fan designs are so Victorian as is all the beautiful embellishment around each and every piece. The mark of excellence for a Victorian embellished quilt is 100 different stitches. This quilt passes that mark! The embellishment was executed with fine wool yarns.

The pieces making up the fans measure 1/2" by 2-3/4" by 1". There is a black twill tape binding with 1/4" showing in front. The fabrics are just beautiful and of fine quality. The quilt is actually 4 quilts measuring apx. 38" X 38" with each 6-1/4" block being a complete miniature Fan design repeated 144 times.

In unused condition and ready to be sent, with free shipping, for your approval.