Q8324 Blue & White Goose and Goslings Quilt
70 x 82 (177.8 x 208.3 cm)

A perfect quilt for a lover of blue calicoes! Various indigo calicoes were used in the formation of the hand pieced blocks in this terrific Goose and Goslings patterned quilt. An indigo with small white stars is used to join the 7 ½” blocks and also forms the outer 3” wide border joined by machine. Various indigo calicoes form the geese and goslings and include miniature patterns of white stripes with flowers, mustard dots and blossoms, and white speckled hearts.

Finely executed hand quilting on this piece include diagonal cross hatch and parallel lines done in the tiniest of stitches. The backing is white linen and the ¼” indigo binding was applied by machine. A soft and cuddly quilt in excellent condition that has been used but lovingly cared for. Professionally washed by Betsey. Quilts are always sent on approval