Q8328 Steeplechase Quilt
c. 1845
78 x 86 inches
Massachusetts or New Hampshire

This wonderfully early New England steeplechase quilt was created for a 4 post bed. There is a 13" extension on the bottom of the quilt which we call a tail which fits perefectly between the bed posts at the foot of the bed. Today the width of a queen sized bed is 60", the width of this tail is 56" which would fit on a queen-size bed with the tail going between the posts and 9" going over each side.

This Steeplechase pattern was created by making 9 patch blocks from 2" squares and then turning these blocks on point.

It may be hard to tell from the photo but the striped fabric is made from a c.1845 black, reddish-brown, and white stripe. The squares are made from an earlier picotage and geometric print in beige, off-white, and tan. The backing is a home spun madder dyed linen. The binding is a 1/4" separately applied brown binding. The quilting threads are both off white and brown.

As this piece predates the use of the sewing machine, all piecing has been executed by hand, as well as the quilting which is executed in a geometric pattern. If one does not choose to use the existing tail, it can be nicely tucked in at the foot of the bed. Ready to be sent for your at home approval.