Q8337 Political Donkey Quilt
65 x 81 (165.1 x 205.7 cm)
New England

It’s voting time again in America and here is the perfect piece of fabric art for family room, office or den that will make any member of the Democratic party smile! In unused condition, this all cotton folk art quilt is an unusual find. It is made up of six donkeys, in a three over three pattern, in solid soft blue and brown fabrics on a tan ground with cross hatch hand quilting used throughout. Perfect for folding over a railing or quilt rack as the donkeys will be standing upright no matter which side you’re standing on.
Until more recent times, one of the few ways women could voice a political statement was to incorporate their views into their needlework. This quilt is one such example of a political woman’s creation. You can make your own statement or just enjoy the folk art quality of this tremendous and very whimsical quilt.
Professionally hand washed by Betsey, you may ask to see this quilt on approval in the privacy of your home.