Q8403 Basket of Flowers Quilt
76 x 78 inches
Lancaster County, PA

Spring is here...at least with this quilt. 😄 A wonderful wedding present too special to use, and saved for almost 100 years. Now someone gets to enjoy this happy quilt, now freshly organically washed by me. As a result of only one wash the pencil lines for quilting are faint, but can still be discerned. It is easy to see that this quilt was a wedding present because of all the quilted heart medallions.

There are 16 blocks measuring apx. 12-1/2" X 12-3/4". These blocks are joined with creative sashing measuring 1-1/8" in width, joining blocks are 1-1/8" X 1-2/8". The side borders measure 10-1/2", the bottom border measures 10-3/4", the top border measures 10-3/4". The off white fabric is the same on the back as it is on the front. With this being so heavily quilted one is able to reverse the quilt to an off white whole cloth quilt.

The quilting is amazing! There are 24 Heart medallions measuring 9" in diameter. These hearts have double line quilting outlining the circumference of the heart. Inside the hearts is a diagonal crosshatch design with 3/4" apart lines. Surrounding each heart is a row of "feathers". Between the hearts is double line quilting reminiscent of a 19th century design. This design has 2 rows 1/4" apart, then the next two lines 3/4" from there. The nice even quilting stitches are very small and perfectly executed. The baskets are all appliqued with such small stitches that they can barely be seen. The edge is closed by the pillowcase method again with tiny even stitches.

Another fun fact is a few "fussy Cut" designs...one is a tiny elephant!!

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