Q8425 Bars with Nine Patch Quilt

78 x 90 inches
New Oxford, PA

A sophisticated and graphic early American quilt is seen here in this Bars With Nine Patch On Point quilt. When I purchased this quilt it had never been used or washed and was called a mint quilt. Now that I have washed this wonderful quilt, it is called unused. The change in terminology means that this quilt has now been washed and in the case of my quilts, organically.

The Bars format and the Nine Patch block are two of the earliest quilt designs. The fabrics used here relate to us some information about the family. These are very expensive fabrics and due to the yardage used the fabric had to be purchased for this purpose. The backing of this quilt is whole cloth, which means repeats of the same fabric are sewn together, giving the image of one large piece of fabric. A whole cloth backing also gives us a completely reversible quilt. Sociologically, the whole cloth backing tells us that the family was of comfortable means as this fabric could have been used for the making of another quilt.

The nine patch blocks are comprised of 2-1/4 inch squares making a 7 X 7 inch block. The width of the bars and the border is also 7 inches. The binding in this quilt is turned over from the back to the front which is very typical of a Pennsylvania quilt. There are fabrics on the quilt which I have never seen - always a delight to me. One of my favorites is a very very early block print. All work has been executed by hand. The quilting pattern is not prominent as the quilt is entirely comprised of various calicos and geometric prints. The border is quilted in a herringbone pattern as are the triangular pieces between the squares. The borders also appear to be in a herringbone quilting style. This amazingly graphic quilt would be stunning not only on your queen size bed, a throw for your king size bed, but also as an amazing piece of art for your great room or hallway.

Now ready to be sent for your approval.