Q8427 Nine Patch / Broken Dishes / Ohio Star Quilt

84 x 94 inches

As a fabric junkie I never tire of the visual enjoyment of antique fabrics. That was the time when one made everything to the best of one's ability as all projects were to last forever. Most, but not all, design patterns of early fabrics are not only beautiful but complicated in design. Back then we may have used what fabrics we had..nothing was wasted and fine fabrics were very expensive..a true treasure. This c.1845 quilt has fabrics that are older in date. Some squares are perfectly matched..some are not...but all work is perfectly executed!
The joining block must have been purchased fabric due to the yardage. This purchased fabric is a very fine pink and white stripe with an overlay floral and vine motif in at least two shades of pink. Some of my favorite blocks are the Indigo calico blocks. The backing is linen, common to a New England quilt that was created before the 1850's..This quilt from Maine probably was made along the coast where most of the wealthy families lived...Many were families of sea Captains.
I believe the thread used here is also linen. The main blocks have an interesting herringbone pattern quilted apx. 5/8 inch apart. The squares in the pieced blocks are cross hatch quilted on the diagonal while the pieced squares are outline quilted. Amazing for 180 years old..if this quilt was ever used..it was sparingly!! The condition is perfect and now organically hand washed. Shading in this photo is from the lighting not the quilt.
I am happy to send this quilt, at no charge, for your in home viewing or please make an appointment to visit my shop.