Q8487 Lancaster County Amish Trip Around the World

86 x 86 inches
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

This Lancaster County Amish Trip Around the World is both brilliant and dynamic. The selection of colors seem to draw one's sight towards the center of the textile. A full array of colors used in children's clothing is used here along with a few of the adult clothing colors. Created from wool crepe and cottons, it appears that this quilt has never been used. The squares measure 3-1/2”, the outside border measures 16” in width (including a 2” binding). The border is quilted in a design of a bouquet of flowers held together by ribbon. A most unusual quilting pattern. The piecing is done with a treadle machine while quilting is executed by hand in small and even stitches. This combination of quilting methods is typical of the Amish. Cross hatching has been created in a 1" diagonal grid resulting in an “x” quilted through each square. The four corner squares measure 14-1/2” and visually let us know that this quilt was definitely created in Lancaster County. Ready for viewing on approval in your home. This quilt will make an amazing statement on your wall or used as bedding.