Q8493 Aamish original design, Jacob's Ladder Variation Quilt

78 x 78 inches
Lancaster, PA

This special and unusual Amish quilt is in unused condition. Created from the fabrics that would have been used for the young boy's blue and young girl's pink clothing. This quilt is a unique adaptation using squares, rectangles and sashing to create a variation of the Jacob's Ladder pattern.
The diagonal sashing measures 4” in width. In addition we have have two 3” squares on point, four patch blocks joined by a 4 x 2-5/8 x 2-5/8 triangle. These triangles butt with a block measuring apx 5 x 5” with either the blues joined together or the pinks joined together to form rectangles. This block is the joining block of where the sashings intersect. The large blocks between the sashes measure apx 11-1/2 x 11-1/2”. The center of each square on point is apx 4” square and made up of 4 triangles. The outside of each square is a 4 patch in different layouts.
I have never seen anything like this which is why I am giving an unusually complete description. The creator was a graphic artist using blocks that were simple to piece. The outside border measures 6-1/2” with a 3/4” binding. All seams are machine pieced, typical of an Amish quilt, and the binding is put on by machine then secured in back by hand. The triangles are outline quilted, the squares diagonally quilted and the outside border has chain quilting all around. Two different colors of thread are used. Blue on the blue, and reddish pink on the pink. These quilting thread colors are more noticeable on the back.
Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for approval in your home.