Q8531 Optical Illusion Quilt

70 x 79 inches
New England

This is an unknown pattern comprised of a combination of at least three or four known patterns. In today’s world, the woman who created this quilt would probably be an engineer. A mathematical and engineering feat, this optical illusion quilt, because of the fabrics, has resulted in a very happy and positive piece of art. Pieced by machine and quilted by hand, the fabrics date from the 1920s to 1950. Each and every triangle is outline quilted by hand and some are echo quilted, also by hand. There is an 8-1/2 inch raspberry pink border with a 4 inch wide rope design quilted all around the edge. The binding measures 3/8 inch and is finished by machine. The corners of this quilt are curved, creating a wonderful effect when on a bed. This graphic quilt would also be great on a wall.

It has today’s colors, raspberry and turquoise. One pattern is a 4 patch broken dishes, one is the LeMoyne or Ohio Star, a third pattern is a variation of Jacob’s Ladder, while the forth pattern is the Ocean Wave. The backing is a whole cloth raspberry pink, enabling this quilt to become completely reversible. What a mathematical masterpiece! This quilt appears to be in perfect, unused condition, is professionally washed by Betsey and is ready for a new home.