Q8608 Extended 9 Patch Irish Chain...created for a Four Poster Bed

88 x 89 inches (51 x 19 inch tail length)

This amazing early quilt has as much of an array of early prints as any quilt I’ve ever owned. This stunning and very sophisticated quilt is comprised of an 18th century Toile, 18th and early 19th century block prints and many hand painted prints. All of the early vegetable dye colors are represented here. Hand carving of the block prints requires a high level of skill. When I stand back from the quilt I see another pattern emerging. Its the Irish Chain. Therefore, we call this quilt an Extended 9 Patch Irish Chain. The blocks measure 7” square with 3-1/4” square centers. The smaller corner squares measure 1-3/4". If you don’t have a four post bed for this quilt, you can place the tail under the pillows. Even though we can consider this quilt partially a scrap bag quilt (because of the many fabrics) the high cost of these fabrics tells us that the creator was probably from an affluent family. The fabrics on this quilt are so spectacular that it needs to be seen to be appreciated. It is a masterpiece created from early fabrics.