Q8620 Turkey Red Calico Unusual Basket Quilt

c.1835 (baskets and backing c.1825)
83 x 86 inches
Rutland, VT

This early quilt is a statement of affluence and good taste. These Turkey Red calico fabrics are truly amazing! The front of the quilt is in excellent, excellent condition. The backing was created from an 18th century home dyed linen that may pre-date the front by 40-50 years. Due to the acidic dye from the walnut hulls used in the dyeing process, there are places where the fabric is split on the back. There are also water stains on the back which must have been there before the quilt was made because no staining came through to the front. Naturally, when hung or on a bed you won’t see the backing at all. We can take an early linen and cover up the few areas of the back where there are splits if desired. There is slight wear on the binding, which is unnoticeable, but could be restored if someone desires. The blocks measure apx 11 inches square. The sashing, which joins the blocks, measures 4 inches and the large connecting triangles around the edge of the quilt measure 11 x 11 x 16 inches. When the triangles are combined with the sashing - it appears as a triangle with 17" sides. Naturally, everything on this quilt is hand sewn as it pre-dates the sewing machine. The binding is 3/8 inch hand applied created from the same fabric as the sashing. The triangles in the basket measure 2 x 2 x 3 inches. The overall appearance is pure beauty and sophistication! The quilt has been organically washed by Betsey. The price reflects the area on the back that has some splitting.