Q8649 Red & White Lemon Peel / Rob Peter to Pay Paul
c. 1870
73 x 88 (185.5 x 223.5 cm)

A wonderful early pattern is showcased on this very graphic red and white quilt. Just two fabrics were used: a red and dark pink pattern, and solid white. This indicates the maker was probably from an affluent family as enough of this fabric was purchased to create this quilt rather than making use of “scrap” fabrics on hand.

Blocks measure 6 ½” square and are both hand and machine pieced. Curved pieces are more difficult to execute well so the creator of this quilt was an experienced seamstress. Quilting is stitched entirely by hand in echo outline and parallel lines throughout. The backing is white and the ½” binding is treadle machine topstitched in the same red fabric as used on the front. The end result is a harmonious and graphic piece of textile art.

This is a wonderful quilt for use on a bed or would be equally as beautiful hung on a wall. Professionally hand washed by Betsey and in excellent condition. Quilts are always sent on approval.