Q8670 Mohawk Trail Quilt

c. 1925
68 x 78 inches

Antique quilts that show a predominately black fabric are difficult to find. Here we have a Mohawk Trail's quilt that was created in a way that shows not only graphics but movement. This is one quilt that can be turned in any direction and have the exact pattern. Black and white are the main colors..however, there are wonderful calicoes containing greens, blues, purples, pinks, red, yellow and orange colors. There are half moon borders on two ends with a blue, red and white plaid binding. All work is executed by hand. Outline quilting and echo quilting is executed throughout. The blocks are 5-1/2" ..the little pieces are 1-1/2 x apx. 3/4 ".
Created for a double bed..but, then never or hardly used. Today we use so many quilts as art for our walls or this quilt could be a perfect throw for your queen or king size bed or couch.
This quilt has been organically washed and is ready to be sent for your approval.