Q8681 Wool Challis Log Cabin, Straight Furrows Quilt

70 x 70 inches

Presented here is a pre-civil war wool and wool challis Log Cabin Straight Furrows quilt with blue chimneys. The pattern used here originated in England; the blue chimneys are uniquely American. This quilt has it all. It has history, graphics, great colors and condition.
Blue chimneys were a signal for a safe house during the era of the underground railroad. These quilts are very rare, very hard to find, and this one is 100% authentic as is everything that I sell. The fabrics are wools and wool challis, some of these fabrics dating back to the 1830s. Instead of a wool binding there is a pillowcase edging. This quilt is in perfect unused condition. As a bonus there is added warmpth from the addition of a wonderful blue and brown plaid flannel backing.
The quilt displayed here is a historical and visual piece of textile art c.1862. The condition is wonderful, the graphics are wonderful. You can use it on a bed or you can display it on a wall. As a wall hanging piece of textile art it is captivating.
Ready to be sent to you for your in home approval.