Q8696 Mustard and White Double Irish Chain Quilt
c. 1910
74 x 80 inches

Wow, is this a graphic quilt ..as well as stunning and dynamic! This , what appears to be unused, quilt is comprised of only two solid color fabrics; a mustard and a white. Due to the fact that these fabrics do not have a printed design the quilt is easy to combine with any decor...modern or traditional. A double Irish chain pattern is surrounded by a triple border. The center border on this quilt has two rows of touching diamonds whose sides measure 1-3/8”. The total width of the outside triple row measures 11” in width including a 1/4" applied binding. The squares that make up the double Irish chain are of the same size as these diamonds. All of the piecing work and quilting has been executed by hand while the long strips are joined by machine. Each triangle and square is outline quilted. There’s an unusual medallion design quilted in each white square. Each of the two outside borders are quilted with a chain design. Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.

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