Q8714 Double Irish Chain Quilt

70 x 80 inches
Washington, PA

This woman not only excelled as an amazing creater of a graphic quilt, but she was indeed a quilting expert. She seems to have loved quilting so much that instead of using one pattern throughout the joining sections of the Steeplechase blocks...she used 3 completely different, yet complimentary patterns. I have never before seen this execute on a quilt. Some areas are quilted in a tiny shell pattern, while others are quilted using a c.1840's double row quilting technique in a small grid fashion. The third quilting pattern is an exquisite medallion. There is so much quilting that it looks stippled. A wide 7" triple border surrounds this exquisite quilt. Narrow indigo blue, wide white, narrow indigo blue borders are are heavily quilted 1/2" apart, on the diagonal with opposite sides quilted in the same direction.
The fabrics are wonderful early indigo and white calicoes, a rare unusual red and black very dense print and a very fine white cotton. Linen is seen here for the backing as seen many times on pre 1865 quilts.
One probably notices that I refer to quilters as "she"....the reason being that in 34 years and many hundreds of quilts, I have only been able to document three quilts that were made by a man. Today, we are fortunate that there are many marvelous male quilters!
This quilt appears to have been such a treasure that it was saved for generations. Now organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.