Q8737 Log Cabin Straight Furrows Quilt

80 x 90 inches
Indiana - Quaker
Family history available upon sale

Stunning, sophisticated and graphic. Three words that can be used to describe this amazing circa 1845 wool challis quilt. Studying a quilt is partially a study of sociology. As these fabrics were very expensive, we can freely deduce that this quilt was created by a member of an affluent family. Another clue to the level in society is the fact that there is a whole cloth backing, enough fabric to make an entirely different quilt.
The fabrics used to construct this quilt date from c. 1780 to c. 1845. There is a handwoven twill tape binding that shows the only wear on this quilt. We would be happy to restore this, using original same date fabric. The colors are rich and deep due to the fact that these are all vegetable dyes and therefore earth tones. On a bed, this quilt could be placed in either direction as there is not a top or bottom. It will comfortably fit a queen size bed. As a graphic piece of art for a great room, it will add both visual warmth and design to your room.
The logs vary in width from 1/2" to 3/4". The individual blocks measure 9-1/2 " square. The center chimney is approximately 1-1/2" and is not in the usual red color. It is, naturally, all sewn by hand, as this quilt dates from before the public use of the sewing machine. We have early block prints and many fabrics that I have not seen before. We always send quilts at no charge to your home for your approval.