Q8796 Dated Folk Art Crazy Quilt 'Think of Me'
Dated 1900
62 x 71 (157.5 x 180.3 cm)

A fabulous folk art crazy quilt comprised of a combination of wool, wool challis and velvet crazy pieces with whimsical wool embroidery. A wonderful palette of reds, blues, russet, greens, browns, and ecru forms the ground of this great folk art piece. The artist used this as a canvas onto which she embroidered large scale whimsical and traditional designs using a variety of stitch patterns and colors of wool yarns in bright, warm hues.

Multiple cats along with birds, large bugs and a terrific barn with fence are included with a sentimental 'Think of Me'. In the center of the quilt is the embroidered date of 1900. The name of 'Hatt' as well as initials 'G.D.R.' are hand stitched with wool yarn. The backing is a fabulous and early black, pink and white cotton print - see detail images. Reverse tied with cream wool yarn this quilt also has a pillowcase edging. Multi-hued wool embellishment stitching provides the perfect finish for the outside edges.

Charm and a certain 'joie de vivre' combine to make this quilt a great choice as a focal point for that special room. Folk art whimsy at its best, this is a wonderful and unique quilt that can be sent to you on approval for private review. Please ask Betsey for more details.