Q8797 Silk Crazy Quilt with Brick Border
60 x 76 (152.4 x 193 cm)

A fabulous concoction in jewel toned silks, this antique Crazy Quilt shimmers beautifully in the light. A myriad of silks, mostly solids with some intriguing stripes added for special interest, vary in size from 2 inches to 12 in a variety of geometric shapes. The viewer’s eye is truly focused on the gorgeous array of color and form due to the use of herringbone seam embellishment only. The expanse of solid and striped silks becomes, like pieces in a stained glass window, the focal point of this lovely work of art.

Surrounding the inner design is a 1 1/2 inch wide brick border comprised of various silks used in the interior design forming a lovely frame. The inner seam is embellished with embroidered silk stars. A 1/4 inch hand applied wine silk binding finishes the edge. The backing on this quilt is a medium blue cotton twill.

A lovely silk Crazy Quilt in a perfect size for a wall hanging in that special room. Please ask Betsey for more details and to see this quilt on approval in your home.