Q8816 Pair of Tumbling Fans Quilts
70 x 93 and 69 x 91
$1,400 (pair)

Such a wonderful pair of Depression era cotton tumbling fans quilts in a great variation of the traditional Fans pattern. Created from vibrant and happy prints and solids these beautiful textiles are in excellent condition. Nicely treadle machine pieced and hand quilted with outline stitching in the fan spokes and 1 3/8 inch cross hatch stitching throughout. Fan blocks measure 11 x 11 inches and are arranged in pairs that alternate in direction adding a sense of lively fun. What a great pair to have in a bedroom!

All fan bases are a solid yellow with the same fabric used for the applied ¼ inch binding. The backing is a pristine white cotton.

A great pair of quilts with enough length for a pillow tuck. In excellent condition and professionally hand washed by Betsey they can be sent to you on approval for viewing in the privacy of your home.