Q8943 Diamond in a Square in Miniatures
c. 1870
60 x 72 inches
New England

I cannot imagine the hundreds of hours of painstaking piecing that went into the creation of this miniature Diamonmd in a Square quilt. Constructing 2" squares with 1-1/4" diamond centers takes great skill. Creating miniatures is much more difficult than working with larger pieces. This quilt contains over 1,000 squares!! All piecing and quilting was executed by hand then edged with a separate tape 1/4" binding, also hand applied. The backing of this quilt is linen, usually found on a pre-1860's quilt.

Being the fabric junkie that I am, this is a quilt that I can pore over for endless hours. Not only do I praise the patience and skill of the quilter, I relish the time span of the calicoes and prints over a 50 year span.

What a wonderful piece of textile art for your wall, or the size is perfect for a bed or couch "throw".

Organically hand washed and ready to be sent for your approval.

over 1,000 squares!