Q8947 Floral Applique with Triple Border c.1930
Q8947 Floral Applique with Triple Border c.1930
80 x 93 (203.2 x 228.6 cm)

A wonderful, large Depression era applique quilt in a lovely palette! Each 13½ inch square block contains two solid pink blossoms 5 inches in diameter, and 2 pink buds with solid green stems and leaves. Alternating 1½ inch squares of white and solid pink form a fabulous sashing and border with solid green squares at the intersections. The middle white border is a generous 7 inches wide, with the solid pink and white sawtooth outer border measuring 1¼ inches wide.

Precise applique stitches are tiny and even as is the skillful and meticulous hand quilting. Quilting stitches are executed in a ¾ inch diagonal cross hatch in the white ground and border with outline used in the sashing and sawtooth border. There are a few, very faint pencil lines used for marking the quilting pattern in places. The backing is white and the applied ⅜ inch binding is in the same solid green cotton used for the leaves and stems.

A crisp, clean, beautiful quilt that appears unused. In perfect condition and professionally hand washed by Betsey. Ready to send to you on approval for private viewing.