Q8952 Thistle and Reel Quilt
c.1865, top quilted c.1928
74 x 76
Lancaster County, PA

There are many styles and formats of quilt design. One design, during the middle of the 19th Century, was the 9 Block formation seen here. Meticulously hand appliqued, these nine identical blocks were made from a wonderful unusual double pink with white fabric. The applique stitches are tiny and all the exact same size. The fabric used for this quilt, because of the quantity, had to be purchased yardage. This lets us know that the family was financially safe.
The blocks are approximately 14"...all sashings are 7" in width. Three borders measure 8", while the forth measures 6" in width. The binding is 1/8" turned over from the back to the front. Even though the quilt has been quilted in such superb and extensive quilting, I believe from the quilting designs that the quilting was executed at a later date. Each piece of the "Thistle and Reel" pattern has been outline quilted..The "thistles" are echo quilted inside the motif. The sashings are beautifully quilted with medallion flowers, vines and wreaths. The border has a quadruple chain quilted design.
Now organically washed, this unused quilt is ready to be sent for your in home approval.