Q8954 Variation of Flock of Geese / Old Maid's Puzzle within a Garden Maze
1815 - 1825
85 x 89 (215.9 x 226.1 cm)

A spectacular circa 1825 quilt with various beautiful Turkey Red calicoes that date back to circa 1815. The sashing that makes up the garden maze pattern is all one calico, with different Turkey red calicoes paired with linen for the pieced blocks and borders. Individual Flying Geese blocks measure 5 x 5 inches and are arranged in a variation of the Old Maid's Puzzle and placed within a Garden Maze. A lovely seven inch linen outer border surrounds the inner design.

Hand pieced and intricately quilted throughout in diagonal cross hatch for the geese blocks, oval chain links in the white linen sashing, and a feathered vine surrounded by diagonal cross hatching in the outer border. Extraordinary hand quilting in fine stitches using linen thread. The linen backing folds to the front to form the scant 1/4 inch binding. A masterpiece of skillful execution using an original compilation of patterns in a variety of gorgeous Turkey red calicoes.

A fine addition to a collection this very early quilt can be used on a bed or hung on the wall as fine art. A magnificent, graphic quilt in perfect condition. It has been professionally hand washed by Betsey and can be sent to you on approval for private viewing in your home.