Q8961 Signed and Dated LaMoyne Star Quilt

"Mary Yost, Her Quilt, 1818"
82 x 94 inches

Since the beginning of recorded time people have admired, loved, and wondered about stars. Today is no different, with people loving quilts that are comprised of from one to numerous stars. This truly amazing quilt is graphically comprised of 50 LaMoyne stars.

There is no doubt of the age of this quilt, as the creator, Mary, was nice enough to date it the year of 1818, and claim it as "Her Quilt". This information was perfectly executed in petit point. Believed to have come from Pennsylvania at a time when the second most important commodity in a will, after property, were a family's textiles.

This entire quilt is covered with perfectly executed stitching creating the lemon peel pattern. Each total quilted lemon peel measures 1-1/2". One indication of the area in which it was quilted is the perfectly executed pillowcase edging with a running stitch around the entire quilt, 3/8" from the edge, creating the appearance of a separate binding. Before 1850 in America, we could not "set" the color purple. It faded to a purplish brown, as you see here on this quilt. The size indicates that it was made for an early high bed, and today it would perfectly fit a 20th century queen bed, with 15-1/2" over on each side.

This early quilt has blocks measuring 6-1/2". The stars are pieced from triangles measuring 2-1/4" by 1-3/4" by 1-1/2". The center square measures 3 X 3".

This textile treasure has now been organically hand washed and is ready to be sent to your home for approval.