Q8966 Garden Maze with Lamoyne Star Centers

c. 1825
74 x 94 inches

This stunning early garden maze quilt comes from Massachusetts. The story that the fabric is telling us is that it was created by a very affluent family. The turkey red calico fabric dates back to apx 1780-1815 and was one of the most expensive fabrics to purchase. The garden maze pattern is one of the earliest known patterns. Because of the size of this quilt, it can be used on a queen or king size bed. If you choose to hang this amazing textile as an incredible piece of art, it may be hung in either direction because there’s no specific top or bottom. Not only is this quilt stupendous for the holidays, but it would be an amazing focal point on a wall or bed throughout the year.

All of the sewing is by hand due to the fact that the quilt was made apx 20 to 30 years prior to the sewing machine being available for public use. The diamonds in the Lamoyne stars are 2-1/4 inches with 2 inch sides. It has a 2-1/4 in border, 1/4 inch applied binding and the border triangles measure apx 3x2x2. The garden maze strips are 7/8 in wide. Unbelievable quilting with tiny tiny stitches. Strips, stars and triangles are all outline quilted. The white areas have cross hatch quilting in 1/2 inch grids. The Lamoyne stars have an early 19th century madder root dyed calico and early 19th century block print. Professionally hand washed by Betsey. This quilt appears to be in barely used condition.