Q8994 Steeplechase

76 x 76 inches
Palmersville, PA

This beautifully executed quilt must have been created by a woman who received an "A" in geometry. A piece of art that holds one's attention as one gazes at the perfect graphics and exquisite quilting. ....and in addition the quilt was created in blue and white.
Both hand and machine pieced then beautifully hand quilted and finished with an applied 1/4 " binding half by machine. The cobalt blue squares that comprise this Steeplechase design measure 1-1/2 " inches. The outside triangles that line both sides of a large border (almost 8-3/4" wide) measure 1-1/4" x 1-1/4 " x 1-7/8" creating a sawtooth edge framing both sides. The entire border is quilted with a gorgeous meandering vine which actually encompasses the entire width of the border. The main body of this "wow" quilt is covered with 1" crosshatch quilting....except that inside each white square there appears to be a quilted four leaf clover.
A treasure to behold that is not only stunning, sophisticated and beautifully executed, but at the same time this quilt radiates a feeling of peace.
In unused condition and now organically hand washed by Betsey. This quilt can be sent to you for at home approval.