Q9008 Amish Wool Bars

c. 1890-1910
71 x 71 inches
Monterey Village, TN

This extraordinary mint condition Amish Bars Quilt was created by the Esh family. Once again I see an Amish quilt that has been pieced by machine and then exquisitely quilted. Piecing by machine would definitely make a quilt stronger. This quilt has a 7/8 inch applied binding. The black outer border is 12 inches wide. The corner squares are 12 x 12 inches and have a wreath designed in the shape of a horseshoe. The bars are 5 inches wide and approximately 46 inches long. The backing is a blue chambray fabric which shows off the perfectly executed quilting done using black thread. All fabrics on the front of this quilt are a fine wool challis. I believe this quilt was made for a man because of the wide black borders, the black fabric being men’s clothing. This quilt is in mint condition, meaning it has never been used or washed.