Q9016 Log Cabin Barn Raising...Amish?

78 x 78 inches
Lancaster, PA

Rayon is the natural fiber, yet man made rendition of silk. A less expensive version and sometimes more substantial than expensive silk. All of these attributes made it more readily affordable to the majority of families. These colors are the colors the Amish use and the Amish were known to use Rayon fabric. I cannot prove that this quilt is Amish, but I do believe it is. All fabrics on the front are solid colors as were used by the Amish. The backing, also Rayon, is a calico of a green print on black. The Amish were allowed to use prints on the backs of their quilts as the backs were not readily seen and therefore not pretentious.

The contrast between the light rows and the dark rows, to my eyes, causes visually an optical illusion effect which in turn causes the quilt to almost pulsate. This quilt is stunning!

Every color the Amish used is in this quilt...all the adults colors and all the children's colors...We seem to have an entire color range from black to white used in the creation of this piece of art.

A quilt such as this probably was created for Sunday and not to be used. Today we have a captivating piece of art for your wall.

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