Q9037 Wool and Wool Challis Victorian Crazy Quilt with Triple Border

64 x 74 inches

Warm and cuddly and beautifully graphic. This is the perfect description for this wool and wool challis crazy quilt. Created in Pennsylvania with wools of very different weaves adds to the interest of this quilt. The addition of a triple border is unusual for a quilt of this time and actually the only one I have ever owned. The main body of the quilt was created using 12 blocks with 15” sides and then adding a 6” triple border on two sides and a smaller border top and bottom. This quilt is bound with a 3/8” wool fabric and top tied with blue wool yarn. The backing is an exquisite 19th century paisley in blues and browns. The deep rich colors create a very sophisticated quilt. In perfect unused condition and ready for you to either use or hang as an art piece. This quilt already has sleeves sewn on the back in case you would like to hang it as art on a wall.