Q9058 Double Nine Patch Steeple Chase

c. 1880
70 x 78 inches

This wonderful indigo and white double nine patch steeplechase is comprised of the most sought after color combination in America, blue and white. The 15 inch blocks on point are comprised of nine five inch squares; five of these squares are comprised of 1-3/4 inch squares. When you join nine of the larger blocks turned on point, you have a double nine patch steeplechase. The smaller 5 inch blocks are completely hand pieced. Nine of these blocks are then assembled together by machine. The quilting which is both diagonal and vertical in design is all executed by hand. The quarter inch binding is turned over from the back to the front and then stitched down. The size of this quilt makes it perfect as a wall hanging, or a wonderful throw for a queen or king sized bed. There are borders on three sides of the quilt. Many quilters felt there was no need to put on a fourth border, as that fourth side would be under the pillows.
This artistically arranged indigo and white quilt has been organically washed and is ready to be sent to you for your approval.