Q9059 Grandmother's Flower Garden

c. 1950
58 x 88 inches
$650 or $1,200/pair

There are two of these, almost but not quite identical. They share many of the same fabrics...What a happy room these would create!

The Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern can only be pieced by hand. The second most popular quilt pattern during the Depression, it is still much loved and treasured. The amount of work that goes into the composition of this pattern is staggering....the earliest patterns were Mosaics, usually made from silk, many foundation pieced, without the specific color order we see on 20th century quilts and came to us from England. The name and design of this pattern was created in the 1920's.

This quilt was created in the 1950's and used many of today's, in fashion, colors...GREY!!..and more.

Made for a twin bed, this quilt can also be used, because of its size, as a throw for any size bed....or anywhere else you may want a cuddly coverup.

Each side of these (hundreds) of hexagons measure 3/4"..the outside ring of each garden is a solid color, the inside row is a coordinating calico, the center of each is a yellow/gold solid. The order of the print and solid rows is juxtaposed to the normal design and therefore rare and unusual. There is a separate applied 3/8" binding. The outside edge of each row is quilted, the center circle is outline quilted and the Gardens are joined by a white path.

In unused condition, organically hand washed by Betsey, this very happy feeling quilt is ready to be sent for your approval.