Q9059 A and B: Grandmother's Flower Garden

c. 1950
A: 58 x 90 inches
B: 62 x 90 inches
New England
$1,100 for the pair

One of the three most popular mid century and Depression era quilts was the Grandmother’s Flower Garden, an adaptation of the mid 19th century Mosaic Pattern. This is one pattern that could not be created by machine, but was always done by hand, due to the shape of the pieces being hexagons. We have a pair of unused Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts, which are extre long because they were made for twin sized beds with a pillow tuck. Strangely, one is 58 x 90 and the other is 62 x 90. They are in perfect, unused condition, beautifully pieced and outline quilted every other row. These are scrap bag fabric quilts, but the fabrics have never been used. The tops have fabrics from c.1930 to c.1950 ...please ask for more information. The hexagons measure 1-3/8" side to side. Bright and happy and colorful, they have been organically hand washed by Betsey and are ready to be seen on approval.