Q9067 Log Cabin Barn Raising

c. 1885
73 x 75 inches
Buncombe County, NC

Wool Challie with mostly silk velvet chimneys.
This graphically exquisite, very sophisticated Log Cabin quilt is constructed from wool challie, some of the best quality fabrics. Even though the pattern is not unusual, each quilt becomes totally unique due to the fabrics chosen. The layout of the color pallet here is unusual and captivating. This quilt adds another layer to its uniqueness...silk velvet chimneys...Was this choice of fabric meant to indicate the wealth of the family, in a very subtle way ?
The unusual triple border may indicate the family of Scottish descent. Notice on the border the beautiful Scottish plaid used on the diagonal. A border design I have never before seen.
My eye is also drawn to the beautiful over dyed green center as well as the silk velvet chimneys that seem to shimmer. The whole cloth backing is a beautiful cotton blue paisley. To finish the quilt the quilter turned over the outer border to the back and finished it by hand. Actually, all of the work was executed by hand.
To my eyes this is a major piece of art...A textile that will be visually captivating on your wall.....will also fit a double bed or over the sides of a queen size bed.
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