Q9068 Silk Courthouse Steps Log Cabin Quilt

80 x 80 inches
New York

Sophisticated, mint condition and oh, so graphic! This only begins to describe this amazing textile. Created in the early 1860's from very lush solid color silks and probably from a very affluent family. How do we know this? Silks at that time were very costly and were the mark of affluence for women of that era. In addition a woman needed the free time to work on such an extravagant item.

This stunning quilt that measures 80" X 80" is made up of 36 14" blocks created from 3/4" logs. The silk fabrics actually pulsate. The colors range from a rich deep blue to a light beige. There may be as many as 20 different silk colors in this quilt. The backing of this quilt is a very beautiful calico printed beige ...also silk, fabric. Can you imagine the affluence to be able to back your quilt in silk!? Piecing of this quilt was executed by hand. This quilter definitely had a maid doing the dishes!

No picture will do this quilt justice...must be seen to be appreciated..I am happy to send, for your approval, with free shipping. After 160 years and now ready for its new home.