Q9073 Youth Size Crazy Quilt Variation

53 x 71 inches

This very happy little youth size cotton crazy quilt has been created by using blocks and sashing. Approx 3-3/4" blocks with 1" sashing. On this quilt you have one of the most amazing arrays of 1920s fabrics. The backing and the binding are very unusual black, white, peach, and pale green print. The sashing where it joins each block has been tied. There is cotton batting inside. This quilt was originally made for a twin bed. Turned sideways it would cover and go over the edge of a queen bed. The best way I can describe this quilt is "very happy". It is completely pieced by hand. The applied binding is also by hand. What a happy way to study the 1920s fabrics. Complete original condition. Professionally hand washed by Betsey.