Q9074 North Carolina Lily Quilt

84 x 85 inches
North Carolina

This spectacular Quilt appears never to have been used. When one finds hearts quilted in to design one feels (according to lore) that this was a wedding present. Too nostalgically valuable, this gift was packed away and passed from generation to generation, still never used. Now this quilt is ready for a new home. We are conjecturing that the family was of Irish descent as there are four leaf clovers that were created from hearts.

Constructed from 14" blocks, on point, that are both pieced and appliqued by hand. This is totally understandable as this quilt was made before the sewing machine was in use. In perfect unused condition, this textile was constructed from a Turkey Red Calico and a white diminutive vine and leaf print on a teal background. Turkey Red fabrics were the choice of affluent woman of the era.

The diamonds in the floral design have 2" sides, while the edges of the leaves measure 4-1/4" and 3". The stem is appliqued by hand and measures 1/4" in width. The fabulous Chevron border is constructed from diamonds, also with 2" sides. The border measures 3" and contains a 1/8" separately applied binding. There are only three fabrics used for the top...The turkey Red Calico, The teal design and white. There are a myriad of quilting designs: hearts, four leaf clovers, flowers on stems, oak leaves, buds and vines. All quilt pieces are outline quilted.

One would have a choice of having a piece of art for a bed or a piece of art for one's wall.

I am happy to send this quilt, with free shipping, for your approval.