Q9079 Irish Chain, Miniature 4 Patch and Rob Peter to Pay Paul Quilt

65 x 78 inches

I think someone cleverly invented a new pattern. If anyone out there knows the actual name for this, please send me an email. The condition of this quilt is perfect, the graphics outstanding, but it appears that the quilting was done by a beginner. This quilt is all about the graphics. The binding is turned over from the back to the front and hand stitched down. It’s a wonderful size for a wall hanging (which can be hung in any direction), or will fit a queen or twin bed, or as a throw at the bottom of a queen bed as an accent piece. It’s absolutely stunning. This was a mint quilt, meaning it was never used and never washed. Now that Betsey has professionally hand washed it, it is known as unused, which means never used but washed.