Q9080 Triple Irish Chain

76 x 79 inches
Andover, MA

This simple yet sophisticated stunning quilt has been hand pieced and hand quilted. There are 4” borders on three sides, a Yankee tradition - why put on a forth side if that was to be the top of the bed? The border was applied by machine. The entire quilt has been quilted on the diagonal and double line quilted, which is indicative of 1840’s style. However, I feel this quilt was finished in the 1860’s due to the fact that the 4” border was applied by machine.

The woman who created this used a style that she learned at an earlier age. This has an 1/8” turned over edge creating the binding, seen only on the back, which is closed with minuscule stitches. The greens, which appear now as slightly different shades, where probably all one shade when this was made. All green is over dyed, which means putting yellow over blue or blue over yellow. The top of a queen size bed is 60". This would cover a queen bed, or be a wonderful throw at the end of the bed. The quilting stitches are very small and even. This quilt has been beautifully made and appears to be in unused condition.