Q9086 Original pattern (pattern name unknown)

78 x 98 inches
Origin unknown

Three blocks of different designs are combined to create what I believe is an original quilt pattern. One block is a quarter of the Blazing Star pattern block. One block is a 12 block formation, while the third block is placed around the outside of the pieced pattern. This is a rectangular block that is a combination of the other two blocks. The wide border is edged with a delicate scallop and finished with a 1/4 inch hand binding. The quilting design and the quilting are small and perfectly executed. This is an amazingly beautiful quilt that had never been used or washed. The delicious strawberry color is a focal point of today's color schemes. Now professionally hand washed by Betsey and ready for its new home, it will fit any size bed. Must be seen to fully grasp the beauty and graphics of this quilt.