Q9090 Unknown Pattern

86 x 87 inches
New Hampshire

I always find it challenging to find a quilt with a pattern that I’ve never seen before. This is one of those quilts. As a fabric junky, I love this piece. This has a whole cloth linen calico backing from the early 18th century with fabrics on the front including hand painted block prints. Naturally, this quilt was completely constructed by hand as it was made before the sewing machine was invented. The three borders used here are a trait of the New England quilt. Why make a border on an edge if its not going to be seen? In this case, the side without a border would be the side under your pillows. The blocks measure apx 7 x 9”, the sashing measures 2-1/4” with 3-1/4” borders on three sides and hand finished with a 1/4" turned over binding. There is a wonderful square on point border created from a very early hand painted block print. The rich colors are very visually soothing. This quilt will actually fit today’s queen size bed. Please call if you have any questions. Organically hand washed by Betsey and ready to be sent on approval to your home.