Q9091 Victorian Crazy Quilt

Dated August 8, 1887
37 x 78 inches
Maine area

What a treasure is this Victorian Crazy Quilt. No question that this is Art! The bottom middle block contains a poem written by the artists who created this quilt as a present for a very special friend.. Also in this block is the date of 1887..August 8th! This quilt was made by her friends as a "lap" quilt. The reason for this gift is unknown, but how could a gift be more special?

Comprised of 15...11-1/2" square artistic blocks. These blocks are separated by a 3/4" black silk velvet sashing embellished with gold silk twist embroidery thread. The fabrics are silk, silk velvets, a variety of beautiful ribbons, tiny ribbons and then embellished with silk twist threads. We have blocks that contain the Tumbling Block pattern, hand painted oil paintings, ribbon embroidery, extensive floral embroidery, capped off with a special poem. The backing is a solid brownish burgundy machine quilted silk. This quilted fabric was created for woman to use as the backings for Crazy quilts.