Q9091 Log Cabin Courthouse Steps Twin Bed Sized Quilt

65 x 76 inches
Bethel, Maine area

This pristine mint summer quilt has been foundation pieced. The blocks have been joined together using a method original to New England. This twin bed sized quilt was foundation machine pieced onto an ecru muslin fabric with the blocks measuring 10-1/2”. The logs used in the formation of this pattern are 1” in width, the turkey red center piece measures 2-1/2” square. All of the fabrics on this quilt are unused and date from c.1850 - c.1880. The binding is slightly wider than 1/8” and is made of cotton sateen, usually found used for the lining of women's clothing. The size and graphics of this quilt make it perfect as art for a wall. Because of the repeat pattern, this quilt could be hung completely open, half open or placed over a pole with four blocks showing. Because of the huge array of fabrics, this quilt is a delightful piece for a 19th century fabric junkie. :-) Happy to send on approval...