Q9093 Touching Stars

c. 1840
71 x 71 inches

When this quilt is hung on a wall, the stars appear to pulsate in front of you. One can look at this quilt and immediately see the white blocks, the negative space, with the exquisite, over-the-top quilting. The diamonds have apx 1-1/2 inch sides, tip to tip the stars are apx 24 inches and the applied binding is 1/4 inch wide. All diamonds are outline quilted and all open areas of white are sewn in miniature triple line wave quilting. Triple line quilting is a style indicative of the 1840s. Also indicative of the 1840s is the nine block formation, as we have here. Completely created by hand, and made at least 10 years before the sewing machine was in public use, this is a true masterpiece for the wall or bed. Ask Betsey for more information.