Q9095 Early New England Child's Bars Quilt

Signed and dated 1828
42 x 50 inches
Bethel, Maine

I found this rare, and what appears to be unused, child's quilt in Maine where it originated from the Bethel area. The fabrics used in making this child’s quilt are from the very early 1800s with one fabric possibly from the 1700s. It contains 4" and 5” alternating strips, 3-1/2” square diamonds. There is a handwritten note on the back where this quilt has been signed and dated 1828. A wonderful, rare child's quilt appearing to be in unused condition. This quilt has fabrics that I have never seen in my 31 years of business. The back is an amazing and rare whole cloth backing of a very early block print calico. The rarity and yardage of these fabrics point to the fact that the creator's family must have been very well off. This special quilt has been organically hand washed by Betsey and is ready to be sent on approval.